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  1. I retrospectively tested your app calculations on some DT and Supercoach players that slightly changed value and found them to be inaccurate.

    When compared to “” (reliable mecca of all things Supercoach), your Supercoach figures are significantly different. No offense, but I side with their wealth of knowledge and experience. I predominantly purchased your app for DT – apart from retrospective examination, I have no reference point.

    Please review and advise me accordingly.


    • Hi Brad,

      Thank you for your feedback. However I have to disagree with what you say because I have just tested my formula for both SuperCoach and Dream Team and I have found that my values may be a little bit over the actual values but I found no significant differences.

      Could you please provide some examples of players that have a significant difference in their Break Even? In regards to my source of SuperCoach Break Evens I use Supercoach Gold to calculate my Break Evens because it is the official source which is used to calculate the price changes (or so it says).


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