2012 Version Released! NRL Break-Even Calculator

2012 Version Released! NRL Break-Even Calculator

App Description:

Want the easy to use all-important advantage to win your Fantasy Supercoach NRL League?

The secret to winning Fantasy Supercoach is in your player choices. Buy a player when he is cheap but likely to increase in value, and get rid of a player who will likely lose his value.

The hard part is knowing when to buy or sell. This app takes most of the stress out of your choice: it will give you the most likely scenario based on a “Break Even” score, which tells you the minimum the player needs to score in the next round to increase in value. Then you can decide who is the best buy and who you need to sell!

At any time with your Android device you can easily and effectively calculate the Break Evens for both SuperCoach and Dream Team players’. All you have to do is punch in a few numbers from your competition’s site and the app does the crunching for you!

And that’s not all, the app will also give an estimated percentage likelihood that the player will rise in price!

If you want that all-important advantage to help you win your league, then look no further, the NRL Break-Even Calculator is the app for you!

Some points to note after you purchase the app:

– If a player scores a zero in a round then that score will not count towards his Break-Even

– All Break-Evens and Percentage Likelihoods, while accurate, are only a guide to a player’s price change and should not be taken as the exact score required

– 2012 Formulas are updated as much as possible; and feedback is appreciated

Link to Android Store


User Reviews:

Glenn on May 2, 2012 (Samsung Galaxy Nexus with version 1.2)

I Like It.


Does exactly as described, very handy and Saving me cash in SC.

Jesse on March 31, 2012 (Samsung Galaxy S with version 1.2)



Very helpful guide. Would be awesome if it had a dropdown option for when in supercoach so not switching between apps all the time.


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